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>> Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I have no excuse! I am a sorry, sorry blogger. EEK. I keep thinkin, "okay, tomorrow I will have time to sit down and blog." Then, life happens! And, I cannot lie, if it's a choice between blogging and watching LOST or Grey's Anatomy (...or americas next top model shhhh) I am going to pick my shows! Can somebody tell me when motherhood starts smoothing out?? I know, all my clients say to hang on because nothing's changing anytime soon.

It's kind of bedtime for me, so here's the stats quickly! Max didn't end up needing the Cranial Band, because our insurance ran us around so long, that by the time they re-evaluated him for a fitting, they said he was improving enough to skip it. Hooray!

Max weighs 16 pounds, and is 29 inches long. That puts him around the 3rd % for weight and 70% for height. He's tall and skinny, but our GI doc says that his weight gain is "okay". He "should" weigh 20 pounds for his height, but Max is his own boy!

He is delayed ZERO developmentally and socially at this point!! Another HOORAY! He is crawling like a maniac, saying DA DA DA for every occasion, grew two teeth, sleeping like a champ...and he grew 3 inches last month alone. Our last physical therapy evaluation gave us a shining A+.

His feeding issues are large and in charge, however! We do therapy every week with an AMAZING therapist, and Max and I work together every day. He has such a severe oral aversion that the bottle is a nonexistent tool...we are 100% feeding tube. He gags if you even put the bottle near is face! We are trying to move into a sippy cup, and working towards baby food also. He doesn't mind playing in his food ( which some kids hate to even touch it with these troubles), but dont try to make him eat it. SO we work and wait! :) The best advice I've gotten is that we are on Max's timeline, not ours; and that the feeding tube is our FRIEND (not an enemy to be in a rush to discontinue).

All together, he's just perfect. Max pulled himself to standing today actually for the first time! :)

My only complaint is that he isn't scared of strangers, and if Jordan is in the room I am CHOPPED LIVER. Daddy is so dang cool...darn him.

Okay, I'll be more creative and exciting next time, but all my friends and clients are shaming me for my slackery ways. I had to throw something up. Here's a picture of this morning, when he was suddenly up on his own! ( like always I apoligize for my loser blackberry camera moments.)
I thought you might like to see what a g-tube looks like if you've never seen one. I describe it like the plastic "nipple" on a beach ball; a little part sticks up with a flap to close it. The feeding tube attached to that!

My super sweet little boy. Max! Getting a little chubby, and looking more like a little BOY than a baby, if you ask me...that's what Jordan said tonight and I agree.



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