We Have A Due Date!

>> Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ok. We officially have a date that they are going to induce! Claire got an e-mail from the OB in Gainesville, Dr. Richards, and he told us that Max will be delivered August 10th. He set the appointment with labor and delivery at the hospital. I really cannot tell you how excited we are at this point. There is less than 7 weeks left before Max is here and we cannot wait! Claire is so excited that she can't even sleep a whole night anymore!

Actually, that is one of the bad things...Max is getting so big and moving around so much that Claire can't seem to get comfortable and has been tossing and turning all night lately. I know that this is supposed to be practice for getting up all the time when he is here, but it still isn't fun. Please be praying for her so she can actually get some rest.

As far as other updates, we have almost finished the nursery and Claire has definitely been bitten by the nesting bug. She decided to redo the downstairs living room at the same time as the nursery so we have spent quite a few hours in Lowe's and IKEA as of late. We will have some pictures to post in the next few days after I get around to hanging the curtains in Max room. If any of you know were we can find Where the Wild Things Are stuff for his room let me know. We could not find any where we registered for stuff, but I would REALLY like to find some stuff. Thanks! That is all for now...I need to go back to work.


30 Weeks and Counting

>> Monday, June 15, 2009

Ok wow. Where do we even start? First of all, this is Jordan. I have not really had the chance to get on here and share what I have been thinking about all of this or have the opportunity to update you on where we are with Max.

Well, Claire is now 30 weeks and 4 days preggers. I have not been able to go to an ultrasound and see my little boy for 2 months. We had an appointment at 4:15 with the ultrasound tech and she was a REALLY nice lady. I guess that Claire had worked with her the last few times and really likes her as well. My mom and little sister, Jenna, were also there.

It always blows my mind to see the pictures of Max and the things that technology can do. She took her measurement of his chest and where the organs were. She started to point out the different areas and what we were looking at when she said, "Oh look! He is practicing breathing!" She pointed out the diaphragm and you could see it moving up and down and our little Maximus was letting us know that he knew what he was doing and that he would be ok. I started to cry (I know...I am a big baby.) and was just feeling so very thankful. She said that his right lung looked REALLY big and that there was plenty of tissue there. She was able to find the left lung and see that there was quite a bit of tissue for that one to grow as well! She said, "This one is really fighting to be here."

All of this was just overwhelming for Claire and I as we sat there feeling the tangible love and blessings of God. What did we do to deserve this? I am just feeling like I have screwed up so many times in my life, yet God is consistently faithful to deliver his promises. I love that my God never changes! That wasn't even the best part of the trip though. The ultrasound tech finished with Claire and I and sent the doctor in. He had done some calculations off of the measurements that the tech took and are you ready for this?? He said "Well, I can't explain it, but he is getting better. It doesn't make sense." Claire then shouted, "Yes it does! It is all Jesus! We have been praying!" The doctor told us that his LHR was 3.9. Remember that the LHR is based out of 4.0. This means that our doctor can't figure out how our broken little man is quickly moving into a very low percent of chances that he will have any major issues.

That is really just amazing and a testimony of God's goodness. Thank you all for your prayers and keep it up! We still need it! Thank you again, and God bless you. I am going to hit the sack now...I need to get up at 4am. I'm out!

Oh...and PS: Look at the size of that kids lips and mouth! He definately gets that from his momma. I am really thankful for this!


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