I just can't believe it...

>> Friday, May 15, 2009

Max at 25 weeks. ( A bit chubbier!!)

I love you so much. I love you so much. How does that happen? You are this little...thing. There's a lump that makes me ribs hurt, and my ankles are kind of sore while I stand for 10 hours at work. You are everything. The miracle that God thought I could have you placed in my world has changed everything for me. You are my blessing. I love feeling you move, you little monster inside! When Daddy talks to you at night, I ruin the moment laughing because you roll and move so big at the sound of his voice. I think you have a big bottom, because there's always a lump on one side! I think you are probably so funny. I love you so much. I want to teach you to know how to be kind, when others dont give you kindness, and I want you to protect people who need protecting. I'm pretty sure you are very smart, and handsome. I don't care what you grow up to be, as long as you are humble and do it to God's glory. I feel just a tiny bit of what the Father feels for us when I think of you. I just can't believe it...and I haven't even held you yet.


23 Weeks and Counting

>> Saturday, May 9, 2009

Just a quick picture! :) This is at 23 weeks, and I'm 25 now. He's bigger now, but I just think this picture is so funny, look at that mouth! The "book" says that at 23 weeks they dont really have any fat under their skin, so they look a bit deflated, and I agree!


Here's where Max will be born!

Shands Hospital in Gainesville, Florida, is where Dr. Kays is...so that's where we want to be!

To read and/or learn a little more about CDH and Dr. David Kays, check out this website built by parents that Dr. Kays has helped. http://www.realhopeforcdh.com/

We went to Florida at the end of April to have a consultation with Dr. Kays and Dr. Richards, who is the OB/GYN who'll deliver Max. We went first to an ultrasound and OB appointment with Dr. Richards, who immediately made up realize we were in the right place! We got more clarity and answers from that appointment than the many I've had here is Phoenix (every week and a half to be exact! ahh). Dr. Richards recommended that I return at 36 weeks, to begin steroids to strengthen Max until 38 weeks. Then I'll get induced, and if that goes longer than about 4-6 hours I'll have to have a C-Section done to avoid any trauma. After Max is stable, he'll get his surgery done, and have an average of a 5-7 week recovery in the NICU. What a relief meeting this doctor!

Next, we went to Dr. Kays office. He is the Chief of Surgery in the pediatric unit at Shands, and also a professor of medicine at the University of Florida. He spent two hours with us, explaining every part of the surgery and recovery process. It's really intimidating and intense what our little baby will have to go through, but I feel so confident we are in the right hands. Dr. Kays' kids have a survival rate of around 80%, compared to Phoenix's 50%. Also, he projected that Max's "odds" are about 90% of being just fine after surgery, so we are excited that he's confident that Max's situation is very treatable. Then Dr. Kays took us to the NICU for a little tour, to see what we would be coping with after surgery.

Thank GOD for this opportunity!! We are in the best hands in the country, as far as this disorder is concerned, and I'm so humbled and blessed that so many people have been keeping Max in their prayers! So, that's what's new, I am excited about our time in Florida. Other than regular appointments, ultrasounds every two weeks, nothing new should really be happening for the next 10 weeks. Then...BABY TIME! :) I'm 25 weeks now, so actually thats 13 weeks left, but 10 weeks until I'm on maternity leave for work. :)

More to come...


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