Family Pics

>> Friday, February 12, 2010

Well, I don't have the full "show" yet, but Misty just posted a preview of our pictures on her blog. Check them out...I'm loving them!! I can't wait to see the full gallery- Misty is a magician.

Thanks Misty, you're so gifted.



I'm six months OLD!

>> Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wow! How fast this part of life has gone. Jordan and I feel OLD, haha! I just thought I'd acknowledge the milestone. This funny picture is from this morning. I was just paying some bills online while Max played next to me on the floor. He is so very aware of everything right now, especially if the focus is not on him! He never actually has "fits", but he was grunting and yelling until I picked him to check out the laptop. He starting feeling all of the keys and staring at the screen. I don't know if he was copying what he saw, but he definitely wanted in on the action.

Max and I went to the pediatrician yesterday, and did some SHOTS to celebrate his six months!! Hehe, well we did do shots...six to be exact...but not the kind that make you feel good and do regrettable things. (kidddiinnggg...). Unfortunately Max celebrated by getting his vaccinations updated. Then he proceeded to sleep the day away in recovery.

Max weighs 13 pounds, 5 ounces, and is 27" long! That puts him in the FIRST percentile for weight, and the 65th for height. Yay Max! Good job getting on the growth chart!

We are starting an overnight pump for Max's food, to see if cutting down on his daytime eating will increase his desire to eat. I'm not sure how the pump will work, with the way that he rolls all over his crib at night. But, I am willing to try anything to help him out!

Misty, photographer extraordinaire, took our first family pics today, so I will put those up soon. You should peruse her an addictive blog watching her newest photographic adventures.

Happy 6 mos Maxi are a true miracle, a gift from God, my greatest joy.


*Here's Max after a bath in his "King of the Wild Things" Towel...cute huh. :)


Mug Shots for Max

>> Thursday, February 4, 2010

We knew that Max would probably give us a run for our money as a teen, being that Mom and Dad got into every kind of trouble there is (MOSTLY on Dad's side, ehem...) in the past, but now we have official mug six months old!!
Yeah yeah, just kidding! I went to the Cranial Technologies office today, to have a consultation about Max's plagiocephaly, also known as lumpy head! :) Is he the cutest or what?! Look at those lips. Anyways, the doc said that he's not severe (yet), and a great candidate for the Cranial Restructuring Band. Here's a pic I found on google of what they look like:
See? This little one looks so happy, why not join in? I don't want Max to miss out on any rare life experiences, so this is just one more off our bucket list. Just teasin... Max will get his helmet/hat/band/whatever in about 3 weeks, and he'll wear it for about 4 months. I'm not thrilled, only because I don't want it to be a hindrance to him at all. However, it will only benefit him, and I want my baby to have every last opportunity available to him. So, who cares, bring it on! I think we are going to decorate Max's to look like a football helmet!

On a different note! Since we have been super stretch-happy on Max's neck (after some education from the physical therapist), he has become the rolling over NINJA! I finally have seen him do it many times, but for about a week, every time I would look away and come back Max was on his tummy! So, clearly it is working! I'm really happy about it, because getting to that 6 months mark had me beginning to wonder about his delay in development.
Max is also a crazy laughing machine!! I just LOVE doing anything foolish, over and over, to hear that goofy deep laugh. I still need Jordan to teach me how to shrink video so I can upload it...then ya'll will REALLY see this silly boy.

We are doing great! Not too much else to tell for now, just the helmet fitting, and tons of physical growth, yay! I got to talk to my pal Lauren today, who's baby was in FL with me recovering from CDH as well. Jude is doing fantastic, and so is she! I miss my friend...going through everything with her was something that I can't compare to any other experience I've had with a friend, and we were just strangers! wow. I can't wait for September to roll around for our one year check up with Dr. Kays so that we can see Lauren, Jude, (and Aiden and Dereck!) and all the Shands staff again.

Goooood night!!


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