14 Weeks Old Today!

>> Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy 14 weeks to my son! It really blows my mind how far we have come through all of this, and we still feel so amazingly blessed to be here with Max. I have decided this weekend that Max absolutely LOVES Aunt Jaime. Every single time he would look at her, he would give this HUGE grin. See example below:

I kind of wish that we had more to report to you, but things have been pretty uneventful! We really consider this to be a good thing because we have had enough baby drama for a lifetime!

As far as development, Max is doing REALLY well. He is looking for voices, reaching for things, coloring, simple math, and basically being the coolest kid on the block. Being a dad is really the most awesome thing in the entire world. Life has totally changed from what I once knew, but it is all for the best. I couldn't be happier and more blessed. I look forward to my "Daddy Time" everyday when I come home and love our Saturdays together while Claire is at work.

Here is Max at bath time:

And getting ready to go to Grandmas:

As you can see, he is just a smiley ball of love. His is about 10lbs 6oz right now so he is still a little small, but he is catching up quickly to where he needs to be. That is all for now!
Jordan Griffin
PS: If you are a nurse at Shands and are reading this, can you comment and leave an address or way for us to send you all something and also a way to contact Dr. Kays if possible! Thanks so much! We miss you guys, but are glad we are not hanging out everyday anymore! ;) Go Gators!


Still just chillin'!

>> Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hey all! I'm sorry, again, that we are SO bad about keeping up. We've been home for a month now, and I am JUUUST starting to feel normal. I think I sort of expected to "squeeze" Max into my world, but as all you parents know...yeah right! I realized that I am squeezing MY life into his. :) But I love it. Man mornings don't really get going until around 10-11am, because Max is such a cuddly and sweet kid. I thought I would post a couple happy pics that I just love.
This is Max in the morning...I will prop him up in the corner of the couch, and he just thinks it is SO cool to be sitting up on his own. We have a smiling party every morning. He gives a good strong, "ha", but no real giggles yet. I can't WAIT for that!
Here he is in his little sling chair thingy while I clean up our room. Just an easy kid.
This is kinda funny to me, because Max really isn't sure he likes baths yet. He screamed his way through them in the hospital, and now he doesn't yell, but just sort of stares at me. You can see his G-tube button there, and his scar right above that from his repair and later the Nissen surgery (went through the same spot). He still has a sort of bulging tummy and NO waist at the hips...a side effect of reorganizing all of his organs! It has already smoothed out some, and when he bears down he no longer has huge lumps that look like hernias pushing out! I think that's because his side muscles are buffing up from lots of play time.

Max is twelve weeks old as of this past Monday, and he'll be three months on the 10th! :) He is almost to ten pounds, which is still only in the 5th percentile, but we feel like he's looking "chubby"! I guess it's all relative. Max is also quickly catching up motor skills-wise. I felt like he was pretty stiff, favored his right side mostly, and was a little "out of it" with his surroundings. He is now SO into faces, reaches up to things, is having funny spazzy muscle control issues as he tries to get things, etc. The home environment has of course been good medicine for him, and he seems to be thriving. I'd say he's probably still a few weeks behind normal, but heck, he was immobile for about a month, and then development is a grey area anyways from kid to kid. Either way he is daily better.

Our pulmonologist said he is okay without the oxygen now, but wants him to stay on it through he holiday/winter/sick season just to keep stress off of his body. Of course I want whatever is conservative and best, but I will NOT shed a tear the day I don't have to fight Max over his canulas, move tank regulators around, reorder O2, blah blah blah!! He doesn't know any better luckily, and only yanks at it when he's sleepy- kinda like kids rub their faces when theyre tired.

We are so blessed to have gotten to this place. I still look at him with relief, and it's all still so fresh in our minds. We don't take Max out much except to family's homes; no sense in pushing our luck, right??

So, that's the scoop! :)


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